My First OOTD!

Hello and good day to you! I am so unbelievably excited to be writing to you lovely people right now! Firstly, because I thought I would never get the time to sit down and get this post out! Secondly, because I’ve had such an awful day today, it feels great to sit here with a […]

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Blog Insert! Gentle Walk.

Happy Thursday my loves! Here’s another insert into what should have been my perfect order of posts, forgive me (and I’ll try to forgive myself too!) So, today we went to the park which is by my house and then walked through it and along a short trail. The weather today was boiling, again! Luckily […]

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Blog Insert! Baby Hike!

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to all of us! O.K. so, I know I still haven’t gotten back to my blog yet since having my beautiful baby boy twins! They were born on 03/03/2015. Espen-Knight weighed 5lbs 4oz born at 8:09am and Oxford-Wolf weighed 5lbs 5oz born at 8:11am. I reeeeeally wanted to post everything in […]

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